• Crowdfunding Businesses Anywhere, Any Time

    All over the world, entrepreneurs develop millions of startup ideas every year, but only a tiny fraction access finance to turn them into innovation. At TechBnk, we are on a mission to change that.

    TechBnk is Cambridge's first trusted reward-based crowdfunding platform helping creative individuals, startups and large companies to raise finance and bring ideas to life. Our platform is designed primarily to support innovations in technology, gaming, film, design, IoT, and other creative industries across the world.


    Why Crowdfunding with TechBnk?

    There are many great reasons for crowdfunding your projects with TechBnk.
    For example:
    • 1. Niche Focused

      TechBnk is focused only on technology, gaming, film, design and IoT industries. That means, it is highly likely that anyone coming to your campaign is your potential backer and understands specifically what he or she is looking for.

    • 2. Increased visibility for your campaigns

      Given that your project is launched on a niche-focused platform as TechBnk, the competition for visibility for your crowdfunding campaign is automatically cut down by half. That means your projects are highly likely to be found easily unlike when it cometes against all other kinds.

    • 3. Free Crowdfunding Business Support

      At TechBnk, we offer free comprehensive business development coaching support to help you create a successful campaign and be able to reach your funding goal.

    • 4. Lots of Free Tools and Resources

      Because we want you to succeed, we have created lots of useful resources and tools to help increase your odds of success in raising finance for your project. At TechBnk, we succeed only after you have succeeded!

    • Crowdfunding Technology, Film, Design

      TechBnk supports creativity and innovation. Weather you're crowdfunding for technology, film, design, gaming, or IoT, we can help you. We empower creative individuals and startups to raise finance to bring new innovations alive. Learn more about us.
    • Turn Idea into Reality

      TechBnk is in business to help you reach a global community to raise money and bring your creative ideas to life. Our team can work with you to create a successful crowdfunding campaign and reach your funding goal.
    • Transparent Pricing

      TechBnk offers two crowdfunding options: Flexible (Keep-What You Raise), and Fixed (All-Or-Nothing). Our standard platform fee is 5% of the total funds you raise, plus third party payment processing fee. There is no hidden charge. Lear about our Pricing.

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