Rewards Crowdfunding and Innovation

Rewards Crowdfunding and Innovation

Recently, rewards crowdfunding has evolved as a major disruptive model in the global financial market. Whether in technology, gaming, film, design, Internet of Things or a wider spectrum of creativity, rewards crowdfunding offers robust capability and structure for accelerating creativity and innovation. In this post, we will consider the impact of reward-based crowdfunding model on innovation and the key benefitsread more

Crowdfunding Model: Banking on an alternative finance

Crowdfunding Model: Banking on an Alternative Finance

Crowdfunding is unleashing new capabilities, and entrepreneurs and the internet are transforming and democratising the access to finance for all kinds of enterprises and good causes. Professor (Dr.) Alan Barrell, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at University of Cambridge Judge Business School sheds light on alternative finance; types of crowdfunding models, and how the concept works. Adapted from Cambridge Business Magazine.

First 48 hours of Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding Campaign – The First 48 Hours

The first 48 hours of launching your crowdfunding campaign on TechBnk can make or break your chance of achieving your funding goal. The moment your campaign goes live, it takes approximately 2 days (48 hours) to appear in search engine, but you will need minimum of two contributions to be  found in search results.

Last 48 hours crowdfunding email

Last 48 Hours Crowdfunding Email Template

Hello Team, We have suddenly come to the last 48 hours of our crowdfunding campaign. These last two days are crucial for us to ramp up our goal (or reach our stretched goal (if you have one)). Judging from our individual performances in the past weeks, I do not have any doubt that we can do it… So let’s justread more

effective crowdfunding marketing strategy

Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy

As in start-up, finding a “killer idea” is usually not the most important factor for creating and launching a successful crowdfunding project. Although ideas are prerequisite to good product development, crowdfunding ideas need effective crowdfunding marketing strategy to succeed.

getting press coverage for crowdfunding campaigns

Getting Press Coverage for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Getting press coverage for crowdfunding campaigns has proved highly effective for promoting successful crowdfunding campaigns and reaching funding goals. Press releases (PR) from reputable media houses add credibility to crowdfunding campaigns and serve as powerful source of inspiration for your community to tweet and share your campaign with their networks.

Crowdfunding Campaign

7 Steps to Create Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

You’ve got a passionate idea and have poured in so much time and energy researching its benefit to your target audience. Now you cannot wait to create your crowdfunding campaign and raise the money you need to bring your idea alive. But before you hit the ground running, here are 7 steps you need to create a successful crowdfunding campaign.

creating crowdfunding campaigns

3 Steps Before Creating Crowdfunding Campaigns

As crowdfunding model continues to disrupt investment and financing market, trends have continued to emerge to increase start-up entrepreneurship opportunities across the world. Many startup founders have raised funding to finance their Projects and more are still to come. While many project owners have successfully reached their funding goals, several others have failed to achieve theirs and live their more