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Crowdfunding Campaign – The First 48 Hours

First 48 hours of Crowdfunding Campaign

The first 48 hours of launching your crowdfunding campaign on TechBnk can make or break your chance of achieving your funding goal. The moment your campaign goes live, it takes approximately 2 days (48 hours) to appear in search engine, but you will need minimum of two contributions to be  found in search results.

In view of this, it is crucial for you to start building momentum as soon as possible!

To make the most of your first 48 hours of crowdfunding campaign, we recommend to implement effective crowdfunding marketing plan weeks before launching.  In your planning, focus on identifying the Key Breakthrough Actions (KBAs) that must be executed to create momentum and achieve your funding goal.

Crowdfunding Campaign Plan for the First 48 Hours  

Study shows that visitors to crowdfunding campaign pages from personalized email links are likely to contribute 25% more than visitors from other sources. This suggests that building personal relationship with valued network of inspired friends, families, and associates (your inner network) prior to launching your campaign is absolutely necessary.

We recommend the following steps to help you create an effective plan to make the most of your first 48 hours of crowdfunding campaign:

  • Make a list of names and email addresses of everyone you know before launching your campaign. Consider your family members, friends, present and former colleagues, school mates, church members, and professional colleagues, whom you believe may contribute to your campaign.
  • Send personal emails to each of the people you have listed above addressing them as you normally would in person, and sharing your new project with them. When your campaign is launched, email your TechBnk crowdfunding campaign page link, and make a “Call to Action” inviting them to contribute to your project.
  • Explain your funding goal and your project objective. Make your goal SMART – Specific, Meaningful (Measurable), Action Oriented, Realistic, and Timely. A SMART goal is more likely to attract contributors to your campaign than a bogus and unrealistic goal.
  • Entice them with the most valuable rewards you’re offering at higher contribution levels and encourage them to take the opportunity.

Organize your team

We recommend building a team of fairly large number of skilled people to help you out with creating your crowdfunding campaign. This is necessary for reaching a wider audience of potential contributors through your team’s personal networks. It’s great also for providing accountability for team members to get the word out about your campaign through personal emails, word of mouth, and social media channels.

You need to build a team of people with complementing skills. For example, find one or two people having great writing skills to write a compelling story about your crowdfunding campaign. You need social media experts to plan and execute your social medial strategies. They will schedule, post, and respond to all social media inquiries. They will also create posts for team members to share with their personal networks. You will also need people having excellent customer service skills to respond promptly to inquiries posted directly on your TechBnk’s campaign page, and manage your community.

Leverage Social Share

You can use social share buttons to easily share your campaign pages across several networks, inviting people to contribute to your project. They are useful also for tracking the number of times your campaign page has been shared across different social media channels.

Offline Promotion

You can promote your crowdfunding campaign offline at special events relating to your industry. This is good for building personal relationships and increasing your network of potential contributors. You need printed flyers and brochures containing useful information about your campaign. Your flyers should contain high resolution images of your product, a URL to your campaign page, and a “call to action” to contribute.

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