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Getting Press Coverage for Crowdfunding Campaigns

getting press coverage for crowdfunding campaigns

Getting press coverage for crowdfunding campaigns has proved highly effective for promoting successful crowdfunding campaigns and reaching funding goals. Press releases (PR) from reputable media houses add credibility to crowdfunding campaigns and serve as powerful source of inspiration for your community to tweet and share your campaign with their networks.

Over the past years, we have discovered that press release mentions on social media results in more contributions to a campaign than ordinary posts and tweets. But obtaining press coverage from a media house can be challenging if you do not know exactly the steps to follow. This post explains how you can get press coverage for crowdfunding campaigns even if you don’t have existing relationship with journalists and bloggers.

Steps for getting press coverage for crowdfunding campaigns

News editors and reporters are busy people. They are in business to hunt for good stories that would make the headlines for their readers. Many of them have zero tolerance for time wasting. That said, they consistently prowl for good stories they can publish. They wake up in the morning thinking of where to find news for their communities. The rumor about editors and reporters not accepting stories  from the public is a myth. They will pounce on your story any day providing it can make headlines for them.

With that in mind, here are 5 ways that have consistently proven effective for getting press coverage for crowdfunding campaigns.

1. Contact Journalists in your niche

The first step towards getting press coverage for crowdfunding campaigns is to find journalists or bloggers that cover news in your industry. The ideal thing is to make a list of all the media houses you’d like publishing your crowdfunding on. Then find out the reporters covering the segment of the market your product falls in. You can compare companies of your size that are already in the press and look for the names of journalists that covered their stories. If what you discovered is relative to you, you can reference them in your letter journalists to demonstrate that you have done your homework. Journalists in your niche are more likely to cover your campaign than those outside your niche.

2. Focus on purpose

Press release are used to create awareness about new developments. It is NOT a sales promotion strategy.  The risk of rejection of a story is high if editors and reporters perceive them as promotions. It’s as simple as that! Write your press release as news. Tell a compelling story about your product or idea and state the difference it would make. Tell them about your WHY. What need is it going to meet in the market? Is there a gap presently or is it something you’re just passionate about? If there is a gap, how awesome would the situation change if your campaign fills the gap? These are important facts that would make great news for your campaign.

Remember that fact that you are running a crowdfunding campaign on is no news; anyone can do that. Reporters will be more interested in finding out about the struggles that led to your invention and how you overcame them. Media houses are deadline driven; you should not reporters the opportunity to turn down your request with half-baked story.

3. Avoid last minute rush

It is safer to submit  news about your campaign to journalists early and give them enough time to schedule the release. While it is true that editors and journalists hunt for news, it is true also that they manage their time in ways that allow them to make room for breaking news. Plan your campaign launch to correspond with your press release publication particularly if you are pitching media houses that publish weekly or monthly news. Consider the impact of events such as national holidays, major sports or festivals which reporters give more priority. Bottom line is to pitch your story early and avoid the mistake of reaching your campaign deadline before your PR is published.

4. Make it easy for journalists

You will save ample time for journalists if you submit everything they need for them to start and finish your story along with your script. Be sure to include all relevant links to your crowdfunding campaign on, as well as your contact details. Include relevant high-resolution image for your story to make it pop when published.

5. Follow-up with regular updates

Once your campaign is published on and your campaign starts gaining traction, you will need to go back to your journalists with updates. Bloggers and journalists feel good to find out that their publication is reaching milestone. So pitch the same journalist again with updates as soon as your campaign receives sizable amount of contribution. Different campaign creators set different milestones and they generally fall into one of the following:

  • When campaign receives press coverage by your local media or a major media house
  • When you hit a fundamental milestone, say 20%, 50% or 100% of your funding goal, or
  • When an influencer in your industry tweets your campaign

If you have taken appropriate steps to implement above 5 steps for getting press coverage for crowdfunding campaigns, odds are that you will appeal to journalists who will be keen to publish your campaign story.

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