How it Works

TechBnk is founded to empower innovation and creativity. Our platform helps you to unleash entrepreneurial ideas of every size and shape within technology, film, design, IoT, and gaming. Regardless of the part of world you live, and difference in time; TechBnk offers lots of inspirations to help you reach your startup aspirations.

But creating a successful crowdfunding campaign and raising finance to fund your idea involves time and hard work!

For example, you’ll need to:

  • Build a team of enthusiastic individuals
  • Write quality pitch about your story
  • Shoot inspiring videos to communicate your vision
  • Capture quality images to inspire your audience
  • Brainstorm invaluable rewards
  • Build compelling campaign pages
  • Launch and share your campaign relentlessly with a global community

TechBnk has simplified the process by creating a simple step-by-step approach that shows you what to do at every stage of your campaign-building process to bring your idea to life, and ship your rewards.

For example, our team will support you with:

  • A robust platform to build and promote your campaign to inspiring global community of backers.
  • Comprehensive business development tools and resources to achieve success.
  • A team of dedicated professionals, who are inspired to answer your questions and help you reach your goal.

Project Ownership and Deadline

When you create a project on TechBnk, you have 100% ownership and control of the project! You also have the responsibility to determine a realistic funding goal and deadline for your campaign. Usually, campaigns on TechBnk can run up to 60 days maximum period. Study shows that campaigns with shorter funding cycle succeed more than those with long-term tenure. If people like your project, of course they will trust you with their money.

TechBnk’s Funding Options

TechBnk offers two funding options – “Flexible Funding” and “Fixed Funding.” If you choose to run your campaign on flexible funding, TechBnk will earn Platform Fee of 5% of the total contributions raised on your campaign (not your funding goal). You will also liable to third party payment processing fees.

If your campaign is a fixed funding option, you will receive your money only if your campaign reaches your funding goal. If your campaign fails to reach its goal, you will receive nothing, backers who have already contributed to your campaign will be fully refunded, and TechBnk will earn Zero platform fee.


Straightforward Pricing Model

TechBnk Fees and Pricing


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