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Last 48 Hours Crowdfunding Email Template

Last 48 hours crowdfunding email

Hello Team,

We have suddenly come to the last 48 hours of our crowdfunding campaign.

These last two days are crucial for us to ramp up our goal (or reach our stretched goal (if you have one)). Judging from our individual performances in the past weeks, I do not have any doubt that we can do it… So let’s just go out there folks and do it!

Here’s a quick update about the key breakthrough actions we will focus on in the remaining two days to increase momentum and finish well…

Where we are now

So far we’ve generated £xxx,xxxx (amount) from #xxx (number of) contributors. That’s great news, well done folks!

Where we want to be

What we need in the next 48 hours to reach our £xx,xxx funding goal and/or end our campaign successfully is another £xxx,xxx (amount) which I believe we can achieve with your support.

What we can do now

I need you to send urgent personalized messages to people in your social media network whose pledges have not yet been received. Also, please contact anyone you know who has supported the campaign at one time or another, requesting them to help you get the word out for this final time. I expect that we will all accomplish this by 10:00a.m tomorrow. Remember to include our updated video/banner/images link (if you have one) in your emails to them.


May I request you to send the list of people you will be contacting to me by the close of business today. Do share copy of the same list with the entire team to ensure that we are not sending the same messages to the same people from several quarters.

One last thing; I want you to repost all our social media posts from this moment on your timelines in this next 48 hours and include a compelling personal message to your network.

This is the hour, and now is the time to make it!

Let’s make it happen!!


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