Who We Are

TechBnk was founded in Cambridge United Kingdom, a city renowned for technology, biotech, and software start-ups in Europe, as well as having good proximity to London business hubs.

Our team consists of experienced Cambridge-based business coaches, strategists, mentors, and startup evangelists who have helped hundreds of startup entrepreneurs and small business owners  reach their entrepreneurial ambitions. We created TechBnk out of passionate to close the gap between business ideas and reality. Over the years we have come across inspired individuals who could not fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions for lack of funding. They have “great ideas” but could not access lending from banks, angels, or VCs to live their aspiration. With TechBnk, we are redefining entrepreneurship, removing limitations, and democratizing the financing for business. Ultimately, we want to empower you and other individuals across the globe to realize your entrepreneurial dreams!

To help turn your ideas into reality, our team will support you with a comprehensive crowdfunding framework containing step-by-step techniques for creating successful campaigns. You will be guided with insider techniques for creating your hardware or film campaign. When you’re done, we’ll review your campaign to ensure that it meets industry standards before going live. We’re passionate about working with you to succeed!


Our Mission

If you’ve been around the Startup Space for a while, you probably observed that banks and many sophisticated investors (Angels and VCs) are not huge fans of startups. As a result, we’ve continued experiencing widening gap between individuals having startup ideas and the solutions they’re meant to create in reality. TechBnk was founded on this premise; to raise money and fill the funding gap between startup ideas and the value they’re meant to create through crowdfunding!

We facilitate crowdfunding for technology, films, games, IoT, and designs, and to help you fulfill your startup dreams regardless of who you are, and where you live.

We will achieve our mission by empowering you with:

  • Powerful seamless platform to share your dream with the world
  • Tools to build a community of people who can contribute the funds you need to bring your idea alive
  • A framework that inspires you to take action, stay focused, and easily reach your goal

Our Vision

When we grow up, we want to be the most trusted crowdfunding and investment platform empowering creative and innovative individuals, startups, and companies to raise finance, turn ideas into reality, and live their dreams.

Our Core-Values

Our decisions and actions are rooted on the premise that we:

  1. Put God first in everything we do
  2. Deliver superior service because we love what we’re doing
  3. Place incredible respect and value on our team
  4. Embrace cultural diversity within our global community
  5. Pursue growth by continuous learning
  6. Build a vibrant family of achievers
  7. Follow honesty and integrity with openness
  8. Demonstrate genuine humbleness
  9. Are driven by entrepreneurial mindset
  10. Have fun and satisfaction in our job


We help creative individuals, startups and companies raise finance and to turn ideas into technology, film, game and design.


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